• "Good interpretation and bad interpretation are similar in one way.
    They both look effortless...only one of them is."

    Diane Mitchell

  • Interpretive planning and writing

    Freelance Consultant,Squamish, BC

  • "Diane is one of the best writers I've worked with."

    David Jensen, D Jensen & Associates

  • Author of InLoveWithEarth.com

    Interpreting our landscapes and nature


Diane Mitchell

Geologist | Educator | Writer

Diane has a proven track record in science and heritage interpretation and is available as a freelance consultant.


A BSc degree in Geology has given Diane a firm foundation in her scientific background, and a life-long love of the Earth and all things nature.


With eighteen years in the museum sector, she has a natural ability to communicate complex pieces of information in an engaging and informative way.


Diane's biggest forte is her 'way with words' and her keen eye for detail. From concept planning to final proofing, her projects are known to be a success.

Key Skills

What Skills Can Diane Offer Your Project?

Through her eighteen years in the Museum sector, Diane has a number of transferrable key skills to offer any education-based project.



A childhood love of fossils, minerals and volcanoes led to a graduate degree in geology. Once in the workplace Diane extended her schooling with a diploma in business administration in order to enhance her professional and general business practices.

BSc Geology & Petroleum Geology

HNC Business Administration


In a bid to pursue a museum career, on graduating, Diane began as a one-day-a-week volunteer in the Geology department of the National Museums of Scotland. The rest as they say is history. She left twelve years later to move to Canada, having been a Geoscience Educator and Curator in the intervening years. Diane's commitment to advancing her museum career was unwavering. In her very early career she at one time had four part-time jobs to allow her to stay on target. In the later years she also worked for other organizations, each with the goal of educating others.

During her career in Scotland, Diane became a well respected figure. She represented the National Museums of Scotland as a key player on a number of national, cross-organizational initiatives including the Scottish Geology Festival, ScottishGeology.com and the Scottish Earth Science Education Forum.

Curator of Petrology

National Museums of Scotland Dept of Natural Sciences

Workshop Facilitator

University of Keele Earth Science Education Unit

Workshop Facilitator

University of Edinburgh Research Communication in Action

Lifelong Learning Tutor

University of Edinburgh Office of Lifelong Learning

Geoscience Educator

National Museums of Scotland Department of Geology

Geologist / Database Manager

Blackbourn Geoconsulting

H&S Assistant

National Museums of Scotland


National Museums of Scotland Department of Geology


Diane is proud to be able to say that her route to Canada was paved by a job offer at the BC Museum of Mining while she still lived and worked in Scotland.

Despite a successful and enjoyable career in Scotland, since arriving in beautiful BC in 2007 she has never looked back. Her educational experience has expanded to include not just geology, but history, mining and environmental science. She has also played a key role in the $15 million redevelopment of the Britannia Mine Museum.

Diane launched Red Rock Creative in 2013 in order to take her career to a new level.

Curator of Education & Collections

Britannia Mine Museum


Diane's Design Services


Red Rock Creative


  • "I found Diane had a deep understanding of an audience's need to engage with a story in order to make sense out of any complex topic. She had the unique ability to sort through the volume of detail in any content to uncover a story thread that would make sense for the uninitiated."

    Phil Aldrich, Aldrich Pears Associates

  • "Diane has an intuitive sense of how to engage a visitor with a topic. She knows firsthand that the basics of good storytelling will win over the lure of trendy approaches. She is up to date on what achieves good interpretation and connections for visitors. She has a strong design sense and is a natural leader."

    Kirstin Clausen, Britannia Mine Museum

  • "Diane understands how to use stories, combined with artefacts, to effect the best interpretive engagement for a range of audiences. Diane's contribution to this and other creative interpretation projects is truly invaluable."

    Prof. Suzanne Miller, CEO, Queensland Museum Network

  • "Diane had an excellent understanding of content materials and was a skilled communicator when required to transfer this information to others. Her dedication and enthusiasm for the work was an inspiration to us all. She is one of the best writers I've worked with."

    David Jensen, D Jensen & Associates

  • "I have worked with Diane and she was able to handle every job on time and with professionalism. I would trust her with any of my upcoming projects."

    Alexander Renowitzky, Renowitzky Studios

  • "Diane is very good at generating and sharing creative ideas for interpretive techniques and exhibits. She is able to convey complicated concepts and ideas in both written interpretation and through interactive exhibits."

    Emma Webb, National Museums of Scotland


We live in an amazing world. It is older than we can truly comprehend. It is more complex than we will ever fully understand. It is more beautiful than we can ever really appreciate. As individuals we each have our own relationship with our planet. Part of Diane's is to interpret it for others, to scratch the surface of explaining the science of nature. In doing so she continues to learn and love even more this home we call Earth. Her website InLoveWithEarth.com is her place to do all this.

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Sample Writing

In the last eight years, through her employment, Diane has played a key role on two multi-million dollar, award-winning capital projects. At the other end of the scale, she is equally capable of producing indivdual pieces such as blog posts, teacher packs and training materials. In addition to her background in science, she is also at home with interpreting social history.

  • Britannia Project Exhibits

    Britannia Mine Museum

    Education Seminar

    Content Development

    As Curator at the Museum, Diane led the staff team in the development of two exhibits at this award-winning Museum - 'A to Z of Britannia' and 'Beaty Lundin Visitor Centre Minerals & Society'. This included content development, text production, proofing and sign off.

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  • Interpretive Guide Book

    Red Rock Creative

    HTML5 & CSS3


    As a resident in the stunning Sea to Sky Corridor, Diane authored a guide on the formation of the landscape and the rainforest ecosystem. Published in summer 2015, the guide is for locals and tourists alike.

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  • Employee Training

    Britannia Mine Museum

    jQuery Master Class

    Manager/Content Developer

    As a Manager at the Britannia Mine Museum, Diane developed a Learning Management System to create consistent, interative training materials for staff. Utilizing interactive quizzes, video, and interactive slide-based modules, content covers educational and functional topics.

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Squamish, British Columbia, Canada

Diane is based in beautiful British Columbia, less than an hour north of Vancouver. Surrounded by temperate rainforest, BC's Coastal Mountains and the region's rich cultural and social history, Diane has no shortage of inspiration for her work.


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